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About CATO

CATO (Coalition for Assistive Technology in Oregon) is a charitable organization with 501(c)(3) status. CATO was founded in 1989 in response to an urgent need.  Hundreds of children with disabilities throughout the state of Oregon might acquire new skills and more fully participate in the lives of their families and communities using assistive technology.  Many are excluded from participation because they have no way to acquire the technology they need.  While many children have such equipment available on a part time basis at school, there are few resources to help families of disabled children acquire specialized assistive technology equipment for use at home.

CATO provides assistive technology to such children through a long-term lending program.  When assistive technology is placed with a family, the family and child can keep it as long as it is needed. CATO retains ownership of the equipment so that, in the event that the child no longer needs the equipment, it can be returned to CATO to be loaned to another family.

Funds to purchase  Assistive Technology Devices for the loan program are raised through cash and equipment donations, collaborations with foundations, training events sponsored by CATO and through sale of instructional manuals like Education Tech Points and and Assistive Technology Pointers for Parents.

To qualify for a long-term assistive technology loan from CATO  a family member or professional  must agree  to support the child’s assistive technology use The child must have a successful trial period (usually at school) using the equipment to demonstrate that it makes a difference.

CATO reviews requests from families on a quarterly basis.  Click on this link to download a CATO grant application form for a child you know.