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CATO Grants

Grants of assistive technology are awarded to children with disabilities in Oregon ages two to twenty. Equipment is loaned on a long-term basis to families (i.e., until outgrown or no longer needed). Requested equipment must be needed at home but may also be used at school. The Board of Directors of the Coalition for Assistive Technology (CATO) meets in October, January and April to review applications and make equipment awards.



CATO applications will be scored based on the following criteria.

  1. Use to enhance functional capabilities
  2. Demonstration that device augments abilities and enhances independence.
  3. Team recommendation
  4. Prior Evaluation
  5. Trial Period with the requested equipment
  6. Technical support available
  7. Predetermined Goals for the child’s use of the equipment.
  8. Need


Click here to download a CATO grant application form for a child you know.