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AT has not been purchased
AT is never recommended by the IEP team.
AT is somewhere else in the school
AT use is not a priority.
Administrator and staff may not understand the recommendations.
Administrator has not approved the purchase.
Administrator has not demonstrated expectation that AT use must be implemented and supported.
Aide is fearful he/she will not be needed if AT is successful.
Aide may not understand the importance of the use of the AT.
An additional person is needed for support until the student gains independence.
Change is difficult and takes time, perhaps teacher has not yet grasped the need for AT or the implications of it.
Classroom staff may not be comfortable designing and creating new options.
Classroom staff my not have identified their own roles in AT use.
Lack of awareness of the role of the SLP in Augmentative Communicaiton
Limited Budget for Purchase of AT
No connection has been made between AT use and curriculum or school goals
No individual has taken responsibility for the AT.
Past training may have covered too much and made the operation of the AT seem overwhelming.
Past training may not have been tailored to the teachers’ learning styles, thus failing to meet their needs for knowledge.
Principal does not hold staff accountable to implement the use of AT.
Receiving teacher may not be identified.
Someone may be talking negatively about AT and sabotaging its use.
Staff does not buy into the importance of AT use.
Staff doesn’t know how to operate the AT
Staff have not figured out how to integrate the use of AT during routine activities.
Staff may not feel that AT is their responsibility.
Staff members do not understand their own roles and responsibilities in AT implementation.
Staff may not have a process for appropriately considering and documenting need for AT.
Student may have been poorly trained and feel inadequate about using the AT.
Student does not buy in to using AT.
Student may not have been trained in strategic or social skills that will help him or her be more comfortable using the AT.
Student may not have thought about AT or had a previous experience that was not positive
Student may not know what tools are available.
Support staff are not required to implement AT use in their work with student.
Support staff do not feel "required" to implement AT.
Support staff do not know how to use the AT in the context of their work.
Support staff do not see a relationship between AT and their goals for the student.
Support staff lack skill in operating AT.
Teacher does not "buy into" need for AT.
Teacher does not believe the student needs or can use AT.
Teacher does not have access to information about the law.
Teacher does not know how to adapt lessons to accommodate the specific technology
Teacher does not know that AT is required by the student or what the student does with it.
Teacher does not take responsibility for the regular use of AT for meaningful tasks.
Teacher does not understand the need for daily use in meaningful activities.
Teacher has not approached the IT staff.
Teacher has requested software installation, but IT staff have not responded.
Teacher has only been taught operational skills with no understanding of functional skills, social skills or strategic skills.
Teacher hasn't made AT part of classroom procedures.
Teacher is not comfortable with AT operation.
Teacher may not "see" connection between AT use and curriculum goals.
Teacher may not have addressed levels of participation.
Teacher may not have thought about it yet.
Teacher may not understand possible uses of the AT.
Teacher needs assistance with integrating the AT into the classroom.
Teacher or assistant may be uncomfortable with any technology
Teacher or other staff has not recognized the implications of the location of the AT.
Teacher or other staff may not have identified goals for the AT use.
Teacher or other staff member may not "buy into" need for AT.
Teacher requires time for training.
Teacher requires training.
The AT does not meet the student's needs.
The AT is not appropriate for the student.
The agency has not provided guidance about AT use to staff members.
There is a delay in identifying the receiving teacher.
There is a pattern of non-use of AT.
There is content required that is not being provided, causing the AT to fail to meet the student's needs.
There is not money for AT.
There may be a misconception that all AT is expensive and/or difficult to operate.
They do not know what is in the IEP.
This is typical in this building. IT staff regularly fail to install software required by IEPs.