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Assistive Technology Quick Sheets

Do you spend a lot of time explaining assistive technology (AT) to others?  Are you looking for tools to help colleagues better understand AT and how to effectively consider it during IEP meetings?  Do you have administrators who want to better understand their role in AT?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you will love these convenient, easy to understand Quick Sheets from CATO written by Gayl Bowser and Penny Reed. Each Quick Sheet is two sided and laminated for durability. They contain valuable, practical information in an easy to understand format.  

AT Quick Sheets     AT Quick Sheets pg 2

The ABC’s of Effective AT Consideration- This Quick Sheet provides specific steps for AT Consideration with tips, prompts, questions and resources to help you improve each step of the process.

The ABC’s of AT Case Management-This Quick Sheet will identify key components of case management and critical questions and resources to enhance the management of all aspects of AT service provision.

The ABC’s of Effective Administrator Support of AT Services-Administrators play a critical role in the successful use of AT. This Quick Sheet provides indicators of excellence in administrative support.

The ABC’s of Effectively Evaluating AT Use-This Quick Sheet includes specific steps to follow and prompts and questions to ensure good evaluation of the effectiveness of the AT use.

The ABC’s of Understanding Assistive Technology Devices-This Quick Sheet provides a simple framework for understanding the broad range of AT tools.  It includes a series of continuums of typical AT tools.

The ABC’s of Improving AT Services-This quick sheet will be an outstanding tool for program evaluation and identification of areas of strength and weakness in your AT Services.


Cost: 1-20 copies in any combination $3.50 each; 21 or more copies $3 each (Cost includes shipping and handling)

Quick Sheets can be purchased by check or purchase order by filling out the Order Form and sending your order to:


CATO, P.O. Box 431,Winchester, OR 97495.

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