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Penny Reed and Gayl Bowser are coauthors of Education Tech Points: A Framework for Assistive Technology Planning (1998 Revised 2012), Assistive Technology Pointers for Parents (2014) and Hey Can I Try That: A Self Advocacy Manual for Assistive Technology Users (2001). All publications are distributed by the Coalition for Assistive Technology in Oregon. Proceeds from the sale of the manuals are used to purchase assistive technology for children with disabilities.


Education Tech Points
The 2012 edition of Education Tech Points contains text, resources, and a CD of tools and forms to help you develop an assistive technology process for an individual child or for an entire school district. The price is $45 for one to 3 copies which  including shipping and handling. Click on the link to order or see reduced prices for multiple copies.
AT Pointers for Parents  2014 Edition!
NEW2016 Spanish Edition!
Assistive Technology Pointers for Parents is a 78 page long workbook that includes worksheets, stories about children who use assistive technology and resource and reference information that parents will find valuable in exploring assistive technology.  Cost is $12 which includes shipping and handling. Click on the link to order or see reduced prices for multiple copies.
AT Quick Sheets

Do you spend a lot of time explaining assistive technology (AT) to others?  Are you looking for tools to help colleagues better understand AT and how to effectively consider it during IEP meetings?  Do you have administrators who want to better understand their role in AT?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you will love these convenient, easy to understand Quick Sheets from CATO written by Gayl Bowser and Penny Reed. Each Quick Sheet is two sided and laminated for durability. They contain valuable, practical information in an easy to understand format. Click on the link to see individual and full set pricing information.

Hey Can I Try That?
A free, downloadable student handbook for choosing and using assistive technology. Available in Spanish and English.
School Profile of AT Services
A free, downloadable self assessment for IEP teams to evaluate their AT services.