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Professional Development and Training Opportunities

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Overview of Education Tech Points

Presenters:  Gayl Bowser and/or Penny Reed

This workshop explains the Education Tech Point system - a framework for assistive technology planning.  

Assistive Technology Pointers for Parents

Presenters;  Gayl Bowser and/or Penny Reed

Parents are an integral part of any child's AT team.  This workshop reviews the manual, Assistive Technology Pointers for Parents, (Reed & Bowser, 2000) providing examples and suggestions for its use.   

Assistive Technology Assessment and Consideration Made Easy

Presenter-Penny Reed

This workshop explains a team decision making process for assistive technology assessment developed by Dr. Reed and supported by the forms from the Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative.   

After the Assessment:  Strategies for AT Implementation

Presenter:  Gayl Bowser

When an AT assessment is complete,  it's only the beginning of the work that needs to be done to make AT use successful and meaningful.  This workshop focuses on strategies for AT Implementation after the assessment.

Assistive Technology for Young Children:

Making AT Meaningful in Natural Environments 

Presenter:  Gayl Bowser 

An overview of assistive technology commonly used by young children and a process that teams might use to consider a young child's need for AT.   

Assistive Technology Teams Training

Presenter:  Gayl Bowser

Teams of participants from one agency or several agencies begin the development of an assistive technology process to meet their own systems and agency needs.

Breaking Down the Barriers to Effective Assistive Technology Services

Presenters: Penny Reed and/ or Gayl Bowser

This workshop focuses on specific strategies that can be utilized to increase the likelihood that teachers and therapists will implement needed assistive technology services.

Creating a Climate for Learning:  Classroom Management of Instructional and Assistive Technology

Presenter:  Gayl Bowser

This day-long class offers strategies that educators and consultants can use to improve the integration of techology into the instructional programs of students with disabilities.

Developing and/or Improving Assistive Technology Services

Presenter: Penny Reed

This workshop focuses on specific steps that a school district can take to expand or improve their assistive technology services. 

How do you know it?  How can you show it?

Presenters:  Penny Reed and/or Gayl Bowser

Data collection is an essential part of any assistive technology program.  This workshop focuses on strategies for developing an AT practice.

Including Assistive Technology in the IEP

Presenters:  Penny Reed or Gayl Bowser

This workshop reviews the legal requirements for including AT in the IEP and then provides group discussion and practice.  

Models of Assistive Technology Assessment

Instructor:  Gayl Bowser

Participants will gain information about the essential components of an assistive technology assessment.  This class can be offered in person or as an interactive web-based class. 

Overview of Assistive Technology

Instructors:  Gayl Bowser and/or Penny Reed

What is AT?  What does IDEA say about it?   This introductory workshop can be tailored to meet the needs of your group.


Penny Reed and Gayl Bowser are also available to provide training on other related topics and to consult to individual school districts, education service agencies and state education agencies on topics related to special education, assistive technology, and systems change.  Contact information is listed below.

Penny Reed or 541-673-3025

Gayl Bowser: or 541-445-2047